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re: fuse slot on fuel pump relay: reply 4

  I wrote:
> My car also has the slot for a fuse in the top of the fuel pump relay; the

> manual says that the codes can no longer be read by inserting the fuse

> 200q 3B engine with motronic ignition)

Phil Payne responded:

<Sounds like you have the wrong fuel pump relay.  On the 1991 3B, you should

<certainly have the connectors in the left footwell.  Unless you've fallen

<of some wierd state regulation.

I do have the connectors; Phil's procedure (reposted a couple weeks ago) for
using a test light to dump the codes works fine *thanks*.  My fuel pump relay
is :
(great big 215 on top...
899521 SHO
443 951 253L  {this is the part number, right?}
12V Max 30A
Made in Germany)

Seems to work fine; I assume it is the correct one.
Chris Miller, Windham New Hampshire, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q (3B)

ps:  I'm on the digest version; seems like I always get the message digests
out of order!  this one arrived today, after at least 5 other newer digests.
 Go figure...