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...new member


A short introduction: I'm Bertus Douma, living in the Netherlands and
subscribed on the quattro list just yesterday. On the moment i'm driving
a 1986 audi 100 Avant cd 2.2i,  and because is almost breaking down
(...not the regular behavour of an audi i think) i'm looking for an
other audi. At the moment a 1990 audi 100 cs avant turbo quattro is in
the picture. Is there anyone who can give me some information about that
car, any documentation or otherwise some useful info so i can make up my
mind: buy the car or not.

I'm also interested who in the netherlands is a member of this list, or
someone who knows more about quattro-business in the nederlands.

Bertus Douma

business:				private:
KPN Research CIZ		
PO box 15000 				P. de Hooghstraat 38
9700CD Groningen			8932LZ Leeuwarden
The Netherlands				The Netherlands
b.h.douma@research.kpn.com		b.h.douma@pi.net