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Schroth Harness in Audi..??'s answered..

I recently installed a set of Schroth Rallye 4 harnesses in my 1990
90Q20v...so I'm thinking I'm "Joe Safety" after spending almost $300 to
help save my bacon should I turn the shiny side dull coming out of an O/S
turn.  Last week I'm driving at Lime Rock Park and I'm pretty darn pleased
with the belts until two separate people note that I may have just
increased my risk of spinal compression injury in the event of a head on
collision.  Suddenly I'm wondering if I just paid $300 and put in 4 hours
time just to increase my chances of going permantly two-wheel drive.  It
seems that if the angle of the harnessbelts going over the seat and then
down to the anchorpoints under the rear seat exceeds about 20 degrees you
run this particular risk.  I'm bumming....so I call Schroth in Boulder, CO,
and talk to their US Auto rep (also do aviation stuff) and he tells me that
the reason why "you must install Schroths in an approved seat" is because
they have tested only THOSE seats for strength and that my car is indeed
approved.  I feel much better now...so if you were thinking about it, make
sure you're seat is approved (no jokes please:)..and go for it..I love
You can reach Schroth at 1-800-884-2358..ask for Travis..very helpful.
They are the only DOT street approved harnesses.  Ooops, is that

Have a GREAT labor day Everyone!!!!!