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Re: 5kT to CGT: hood strut, cam

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>How did you do that hood strut though? That would be a wonderful
addition to my car.

It helped to have a good one and a bad one in yet another car.  I removed
the bad one (it could be compressed easily by hand) and tore out it's two
mounting plates.  Then I beat the plates flat again.  

I removed the hood prop and it's mounting hardware.  Then using the dead
piston as a guide I attached the two mounting plates for the strut, one to
the strut tower and one to the forward portion of the hood.  I did this with
a couple or three sheet metal screws.  Bit of a PITA but doable.  Then I
popped in the good strut and went next door and welded the mounting plates
in place, not trusting the screws for the long term.

Two things have to be modified to do this (sigh!):  The w/w fluid bottle is
too high and in the way of the gas strut when lowered.  What I did was
spread the flanges of it's holder apart a bit, so the bottle would drop a
bit lower in the bracket.  This worked fine.  The top radiator air guide is
also in the way.  I cut a narrow strip out of this, about 2/3 of the way
from the back to the front, off to the side of the radiator, to clear the
gas strut.  Someday I dream of fabricating a little curved section that
clears the strut but reseals the air flow.  Not that that matters much
considering that most cars of this vintage are running with no air guides
left anyway!

>I got my Schrick cam

Well, there's another thing that has to come out of that 81 5kt!  How long
did it take you to install it?  Did you replace the cam seals while you were
in there?  (why not?)  Any advice from anyone before I try this?

Bye for now!

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers