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A4 inventories

In message <UPMAIL18.199708302033070230@classic.msn.com> "Jonathan Linkov" writes:

> By the way, can you explain that little thing about the registration #s?  I 
> read an atricle in one of the papers about it, and, honestly, they make it out 
> to be that everyone in the UK buys thir cars in August JUST for a new letter!  
> What does this all mean?  You can send it to me or the list.  TIA

UK registrations are of the form 'Ynnn xxx' - where 'Y' is the year letter 
(currently R) and nnn/xxx are numbers/letters respectively.
So - my 1988-built ur-quattro is F600 JVJ.  Clearly identified as having been 
registered in 1988/9 - specifically after 1 August 1988 and before 31 July 1989.

Yes - sad though it is to admit it - it's a big thing to have had an 'R' plate 
on 1 August 1997.  On 2 August, it's not such a big thing.  Daft stories are 
legion - over 40 (forty) brand new 'R' registered cars were total losses in the 
early hours of 1 August 1997 as their owners tried to drive them home in the 
wee small hours and wrecked them for various reasons.

Yup.  Buy a new car on 1 August and drive around all day like a king.  Next day -
you just took a $10k hit on the value.  Enjoy your breakfast.

Midsummer madness.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club