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Re: how do I remove C-GT cam gear?

At 08:12 PM 8/30/97 -0700, Ken wrote:
>How do I take the cam gear off?  The engine is at TDC, and The timing
>belt is already off.  How do I hold it still while I remove the bolt?  I
>tried using the old timing belt, like an oil filter wrench, but the belt
>started to rip.  Any other methods?
>I'm doing my cam right now!  The crank bolt was nothing.  It's the cam
>bolt I cant get off.
>Ken : Be Careful, Don' t
try to loosen that bolt without
>securing the cam gear or you will be flirting with a bent valve .Special
tool is available from Zelenda Tool Co, or you can Gerry rig one from a VW
flywheel locking tool.  Holding the gear in place as illustrated in manual
with a screwdriver didn'..t work for me. The bolt is torqued to 70 fp.
Good luck.Mike.
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