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Radio Harness/adapter-kits

     Hi q-listers,
     Back in Jul'97, I saw someone posted the message of..how to order the 
     radio harnesses/agapter-kits, as well, the part no. & price from 
     Anyway, I'm replacing my sicked OEM radio--Wiesbaden, and I don't want 
     to cut the original harnesses.  Whoever posted that message, could you 
     pls re-post it again, or you could e-mail me direct.
     Many thanks,
     '89-90 non-q (68+K miles)
     Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org
     Note to Dan:
     Well, I did try to use the searching method you advised--w/ the 
     keyword: Crutchfield, however, I found a bunch of old messages--from 
     95-96.  But I couldn't find the one I want--in Jul'97.