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Re: Question 1990 Audi 90 20 Valve Quattro

> I am just starting to get into the Quattro scene and I want to upgrade
> the car.  It has 88k miles and is stock.  Should I bother with a chip?
> Should I get the cone air filter from TAP?  I  am thinking about a
> performance exhaust from the cat back.  Other than the Scorpion from TAP
> what are my options.  Finally what should I do to the suspension??
> Springs and Bilsteins or springs and ??  I am new to the list so I
> really appreciate any help you can give me.

The benefits of the chip are negligable at best, so are the negative
things that it does to your engine that I have heard about... The
Scorpion is nice, if ya want the best, get a B&B TriFlo
(http://www.bbtriflo.com)... My friend got one for his BMW 535is and it
sounds AWSOME! The cone filter conversion from TAP is good for a few
horses as well as a great sound, just fabricate a bracket from some bent
aluminum and bolt it to the engine block and bolt your ISV to it rather
than zip tying the ISV to something like TAP sez. For suspension, H&R
and Bilsteins are great performing, stiff, but are expensive, try JAMEX
(1888 40 JAMEX)... they are reputable very affordable...


* Ramana Lagemann		          	
* Cohasset, MA			 
* mailto:elmool@tiac.net
* 1990 Coupe Q