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RE: MB 600 in Princess Diana wreck

>I completely agree.  A swerve at 100MPH in a 600 series MB would be
>nerve racking to say the least.  In a Quattro, it would have been hardly

In somewhat of a different car (S500 coupe), I've also found the steering
at high speed to be a numbing experience. I don't know if that can be
attributed to the OEM Michellin Energysaver thing. It seems like the car
will only respond to the steering a second or two later. Too much
momentum, I'd say.

>Anyone hear how the body guard is doing, who had the radiator in his

The more I think of it, the more I suspect the two rear passengers did not
have their seat belts on. The body guard survived (albeit with critical
condition for now) with a MB V12 in his lap -- not only that, but the
head-on to the tunnel pillar and the reported roll-over.

ALthough it's accepted the rear passengers have the best chance of
survival in a crash, I don't think it would matter if you don't have the
darn seat belts on. If that's so, MB S-class, A8, or a VW Beatle would
produce the same fatality. In the same line, I hear unbuckled rear
occupants is one of the big cause in a crash -- no only to the rear
occupants themselves, but to the front passengers as well.

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