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Re: MB 600 in Princess Diana wreck

>Anyone hear how the body guard is doing, who had the radiator in his

Even a quick look at the pictures on TV will show you that the radiator
was not in anyone's lap.  The dash was still in it's (nearly) original
position with at least 2 feet between the caved in nose and the front

When viewed from the side, it appears that the MB safety features all
performed as intended.  The passenger compartment was maintained and the
car is still in one piece.  Given the divot in the front end created by a
2 foot thick concrete post, I would not be at all critical of the
integrity of the vehicle.  The roof looks very bad, partially because it
was cut off during the rescue efforts then set back almost in place.  All
in all a testament to design in my opinion.

No vehicle is tested in this way, so do we have any volunteers to take
and A8 through that tunnel to provide comparison data?  I didn't think
so.  Audi's are wonderful cars.  I own two and fortunately can offer no
direct data myself (no accidents, knock on zebrano).  But to criticise MB
in any way as a result of this horrific event is ridiculous.  They have
been on the front line of crash protection for years and they were not

BTW, did anyone notice the abrupt dropoff of the highway as it approaches
the underpass?  Did anyone notice the slight curve of the same section of
highway?  How much benefit would quattro _really_ add to a car which
might very well have been nearly airborn as it entered that underpass? 
Four wheels spinning in the air offer no more traction than two.  If they
were in fact going 100 mph, the suspension would have most definitely
been signicantly unloaded and we all surely have a pretty good idea what
that does to grip and directional control.

Another as yet unknown and possible contribution to the condition of the
passengers may have been seat belt usage.  I am merely speculating, but
it seems likely that people who are accustomed to being transported by
professional drivers in a secure environment (MB600, Audi A8, etc) may
very well tend not to wear seat belts.  Only time and future news reports
will tell...

Just my $.85 worth.

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT