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Audi Mechs at Strip Club

Stay away from Charles Maund Audi  in Austin Texas.  Took my 91200  TQ
there last week while in Austin to check when I could get my car looked
at for a malfunctioning Climate Control fan (any suggestions on what the
problem could be?).  The Woman behind the Audi Service counter flippantly
told me they were back up till SEPT 15th and her Mechanics were simply
too busy to look at my car.  Well Hmmmmm...I drove all the way to Austin
from Fort Hood (with no a/c mind you) to check with the Audi dealer and
do a little shopping.  Because it was my day off, my friend and I chose
to have lunch at a local Upscale Strip Club (I'm sure you Austin listers
have heard of "Sugars") (It's free to get in...and you can have a steak
dinner for around 5 bucks..and of course the show)  It was my day off,
and no... I'm not a pervert.   ANYWAY.  My friend and I got there around
11AM and and had a few soft drinks and appetizers while waiting for our
main meal, when who do we see walk in, but a group of 4 mechanics wearing
the Charles Maund Automotive mech's uniform...with AUDI badges (the same
guys who work on my car)  For the next 2 hours and 15 minutes my friend
and I watched as these mechs stuffed dollar bills in the g-strings of
strippers, and witnessed one mechanic..(.whose name I'll never forget
cause it was embroidered on the chest of his uniform)...received FOUR lap
dances from a single dancer   (I believe lap dances cost between $20 and
$30 bucks a piece)  So where am I going with this rant?

1.  If that AUDI service center has time to give its mechanics 2+ hours
of lunch time...they certainly have time to work on my F***ing car.

2.  Why am I paying Chas. Maund $65.00 an hour for labor? (obviously to
fund lap dances at a Strip joint during business hours)

3.  Why should I chance leaving my car (which, besides my house cost more
than any thing I own), to some sweaty fat mechanic with a hard-on  who
has his mind on the stripper and everything but the care of my

If I offended anyone with my comments (besides the owner and employees of
Charles Maund imports!!!!) I'm truly sorry.  I just needed a forum to
vent my anger.

thanks for listening,


91 200TQ very hot w/ no fan
86 300zx fried alternator
96 Suzuki Bandit 
92 Mariah (no time to get to the lake)