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V8Q Parts Source-Found!

romero@helix.mgh.harvard.edu asks:

>Hi, I was just wondering how you made out on the parts for your V8Q.
>Did you go partly Audi and aftermarket? or did you find another source for
>V8s'?  Also what plugs do you use, I just put in the regular Bosch plugs
>when i got the car but wonder if there is  something better.

>Rich Romero

Never did the plugs on mine.

Here is the result of my parts search for "reasonable" prices.
(it's a relative term these days)  I ended up buying almost
everything for my 1990 V8Q from Mark at:

Adirondack Auto Brokers
1230 West Galway Rd.
Hagaman, NY 12086
Email: mark@germanautoparts.com
Web Site: www.germanautoparts.com
Phone (518) 882-6534
Fax (518) 882-1914

I checked their web site, doesn't seem the Audi section
of it is ready yet.

Note, all parts are OEM.

*use fixed size font for best viewing*

                             Clair   Adirondack

TRANSMISSION FILTER         $36.49     $31.00
TRANS PAN GASKET            $19.84     $15.00
ACCESSORY BELT              $84.04     $32.00
TIMING BELT                $142.27     $38.50
WATER PUMP (NEW)           $290.90     $209.00
TENSIONER ROLLER           $124.42     $75.00
TIMING BELT RELAY ROLLERS  $111.90     $55.00

Total Above Parts          $921.76     $510.50
(two relay rollers necessary) 

Here are some other parts I picked up from Mark,
didn't even bother to price these any where else.

FRONT BRAKE PADS (non-UFO) Girling...$85.00
REAR BRAKE PADS (PAGID)..............$39.00

IGNITION ROTORS..............$18.25

The rest of the parts I needed, engine mounts,
seals etc. were a dealer only proposition.

I put out quite a few inquires for parts, the
majority of which went totally ignored by 90%
of the vendors I tried from the Quattro vendor
list. (Yes, I realize the V8Q is a "special" car.)

Of the few responses I got, the only one with a better
price on a part was:

Steve Schock
Phone:  619/451-0020
He informed me that he had the water pump for $125.00. But
it was too late, I had already ordered it from Mark by the
time he replied. He didn't mention whether it was new or rebuilt.

I received a few emails from fellow V8Q owners who haven't
changed rollers, water pump, etc. when they changed the
timing belt. If I had the time, and tools available, I too
would roll the dice, but it's just too much of a PITA job
to gamble on. 

Haven't had a chance to do any of the work yet, been too busy
with the *&$@!^* '84 5KS to get around to it. The wife is
keeping the 5KS, she doesn't want the Mercyless Diesel I
bought her, she says she doesn't want an automatic, diesel
is too damn slow, and she feels safer in the Audi. Go figure.
I'm happy though...made a few bucks re-selling the MB. ;)



'90 V8Q
'84 5KS (back in the fleet)
'84 300TD (sold$)

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