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Re: Advise on tires


I live in Colorado and do a lot of skiing. I have used the Gislaveds and the
Pirellis and been very pleased with both.  The Pirellis perform better on
dry roads.  I have always used studs and I highly recommend them for ice.  I
don't know if studs are legal in your state. I have a friend with
non-studded Gislaveds on his A4Q and he is very happy with them.  I tried
the Blizzaks (non-studded and good for ice) for one day and removed them
because I thought the dry road handling was downright dangerous.  

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ  

At 08:18 PM 9/1/97 -0400, you wrote:
>My '98 2.8 A4Q (Sports package) is going to be delivered to me about 2 weeks
>or so from today - I need some advice on the tires as the Sports package
>includes Z - rated 'summer' tires. I am based in Minneapolis, so I need some
>winter rubber to see me thru'  - I was advised by the local dealer to fit on
>the all-season Michelin XGT V4 or XGT Z4 - do any listers have any experience
>with these tires in the snow/ice?? Also, I am thinking of using the factory 7
>spoke sport wheels for winter (since I will already be depressed with winter,
>so the wheels shoud'nt bother me too much!) and getting the factory rubber
>fitted onto a cool set of after market wheels that would be used in summer -
>if I go this route, I will need just winter tires - any advise on just winter
>Thanks in advance for any feedback.
>Mogen Naidoo
>'97 A4 2.8 Q 12V (with the cool factory 5 spoke wheels)