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Advise on tires

We have (for another day) Michelin XGT-V4 tires on our Acura Legend and
there have been times when they have been downright frightening in the
wet. In the dry, they're not particularly impressive either. Oh, and
they're noisy. This is the old thread pattern (not from the Pilot

When I had my 200qw, I ran Dunlop D40-M2s on it in the summer as I have
found it very hard to beat their combination of performance and price.
The first snow surprised everybody around here, but the q just crawled
up our 10% incline cul-de-sac from a dead stop without even slipping a
wheel - on the Dunlops... Very impressive. I ran Pirelli P210Ws on it
after that and the car was completely unstoppable on snow and ice and
did not handle too badly otherwise. I'll be trying the Pirellis on the
Volvo this winter, so we'll see how good they really are.

I guess what I'm saying is that an all-out (*not* all season) summer
tire would be my choice for any quattro and then a set of high
performance snow tires for the winter season. quattro gives such a head
start that you don't really need the most extremely capable snow tires
out there in most cases.

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa -
  98 volvo v70 t5 - 5-speed
  94 acura legend gs - 6-speed...

Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 20:18:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mogenaidoo@aol.com
Subject: Advise on tires

My '98 2.8 A4Q (Sports package) is going to be delivered to me about 2
or so from today - I need some advice on the tires as the Sports package
includes Z - rated 'summer' tires. I am based in Minneapolis, so I need
winter rubber to see me thru'  - I was advised by the local dealer to
fit on
the all-season Michelin XGT V4 or XGT Z4 - do any listers have any
with these tires in the snow/ice?? Also, I am thinking of using the
factory 7
spoke sport wheels for winter (since I will already be depressed with
so the wheels shoud'nt bother me too much!) and getting the factory
fitted onto a cool set of after market wheels that would be used in
summer -
if I go this route, I will need just winter tires - any advise on just
Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Mogen Naidoo
'97 A4 2.8 Q 12V (with the cool factory 5 spoke wheels)