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Re: Thar she blows!

At 12:25 PM 9/1/97 -0700, you wrote:
>After a spirited run last Friday afternoon I had the hood up in the driveway
>just looking over things and trying to track down a persistent small coolant
>leak, when I reached in and tapped the input line to the after-run turbo
>pump.  The fitting broke off right at the pump housing and sprayed a
>pattern of quite hot and stickey coolant over me and the engine.  
>The neighbors must have paused for reflection.  "Hey, Heather,
neighbor-dude is
>doing a whirling and spitting dance in his driveway.  Go get your
>(This is California after all.)  Luckily I was using the polygylcol coolant
>which is not poisonous and only had minor burns on the arms.
>After everything stopped gurgling, me and the car, inspection revealed the
>long inlet fitting had broke off cleanly at the impeller housing.  Good
news is
>that I probably have found my leak... bad news... what do I do now?  Seems
>a few weeks ago someone was asking if pieces of this pump could be purchased,
>but I don't recall the answer.  Anyone know?
>Is this pump really necessary?  Anyone want to admit having ditched this
>I ran a boost-enhanced Saab Turbo for 96kmi without after-cooling with _no_
>coking in the turbo.  Seems like it may be a case of suspenders and a belt
>the non-cognoscente owner.  
>I attached the two loose hoses together with a deep 5/8" socket and we are
>mobile again.  Please learn from my occurance and use caution when
wiggling this
>Yet another example of Audi vision and cost cutting, "...let's make it from
>plastic!" taking different roads.
>Regards,  Gross Scruggs

You should discuss the above incident with Johnathan Monti, I see a big
potential for some compensation (read lawsuit)

Just kidding, don't any of you get too worked up....yet....