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Thar she blows!

After a spirited run last Friday afternoon I had the hood up in the driveway
just looking over things and trying to track down a persistent small coolant
leak, when I reached in and tapped the input line to the after-run turbo cooling
pump.  The fitting broke off right at the pump housing and sprayed a fan-shaped
pattern of quite hot and stickey coolant over me and the engine.  

The neighbors must have paused for reflection.  "Hey, Heather, neighbor-dude is
doing a whirling and spitting dance in his driveway.  Go get your tambourine!" 
(This is California after all.)  Luckily I was using the polygylcol coolant
which is not poisonous and only had minor burns on the arms.

After everything stopped gurgling, me and the car, inspection revealed the inch
long inlet fitting had broke off cleanly at the impeller housing.  Good news is
that I probably have found my leak... bad news... what do I do now?  Seems like
a few weeks ago someone was asking if pieces of this pump could be purchased,
but I don't recall the answer.  Anyone know?

Is this pump really necessary?  Anyone want to admit having ditched this thing? 
I ran a boost-enhanced Saab Turbo for 96kmi without after-cooling with _no_
coking in the turbo.  Seems like it may be a case of suspenders and a belt for
the non-cognoscente owner.  

I attached the two loose hoses together with a deep 5/8" socket and we are
mobile again.  Please learn from my occurance and use caution when wiggling this

Yet another example of Audi vision and cost cutting, "...let's make it from
plastic!" taking different roads.

Regards,  Gross Scruggs