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help, control arm, stranded in St.Louis

Late last night, while rounding a gentle curve at 30mph, the LF ball
joint on the 5ktq snapped.  Scrubbed off some of the mud flap when the
wheel shifted, but no other damage.  Audi gods at work:  I just came
from helping my bro-in-law at U Wrench It, and had picked up some door
handles and sunroof tracks while I was helping him scarf Camry repair
parts.  Has to be on a holiday weekend donnit?

I just ordered a control arm from Imparts ($160 fyi), but it won't be
ordered until Tuesday, or delivered until Wednesday or Thursday.  Can
any of you help me out with a spare, used, or otherwise servicable
replacement?  Does anybody have an "in" with a salvage yard or other
source within a hundred or so miles that I could get to today?

Reply private, digests are piled up waiting my return home.

--Gary (out in the country, far from my garage, and missing it)