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Thank God Diana wasn't in an Audi A8

Boy, with all the witch hunting going on about Diana's MBS600, I'm glad she
wasn't in an A8.  Last thing we would need is all these journalist who are
searching for a scapegoat to question the safety of the Aluminum Space Frame.
 We all know that it is a safe car, in the A8 brochure there is a comparison
of crash tested A8 and MB S class, and the A8 is less deformed.  BUT we all
know how journalist can be with cars (Unintended Acceleration), and how they
love to blame car manufacturers. 
        Even with this proof of excessive speed, unrestrained passengers, and
high blood alcohol content, I saw the news trying to bring the car's safety
in question, and we all know that the MB is one of the safest cars in the
world.  No one could have lived through that accident in any car.  Just thank
God that they weren't in an A8, because they would be bringing up U.I. all
over again. 

I do feel bad for MB having to deal with this heat and witch hunting.