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Adding a turbo to a 4000Q

RABE wrote:
> I have an '84 4000s quattro.  I have Koni and Eibach on all corners.
> I'm planning on buying BBS RC wheels and using 205*45*17 tires.  I have
> access to an '86 audi 5000 turbo.  Will the engine fit to the tranny?
> What clutch would I use?  I know I'd have to change the wiring
> harness and the computer.  I also know I'd have to put the battery in
> the trunk.  Would the exhaust from the '86 fit?  Would bumpers from an
> '85 4000 fit?  Also, where could I find urethane A-arm bushings or
> bearings?  I helped a friend put a 16V 2.0 motor from a passat in an '84
> rabbit.  Now it's my turn, but I dont know what I need.  Any help would
> be appreciated.