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Re: S4 and S8

At 12:21 09/30/97 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <199709300853.PAA22261@lox2.loxinfo.co.th> "R. Wiratorn" writes:
>>                 The S8is defeated by Jag's new XJR in the test, the new XJR
>>          has a supercharged V8 instead of in-line sixin the old model,
>>          so it has much more  torque and power than the S8. It beats the S8 
>>         with automatic  box while the S8 has 6-speed manual.
>Define 'beat'.  In a straight line?
                        sorry, they said the XJR give them more confidence
"feel" in
                corner . When they decide which one is the best, they mean
in overall.
                        BMW Schnitzer V8 also in the test, it loss the XJR too.
                        I don't have that book ( autocar & sport ) , I just
scan it at