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S4 and S8

In message <199709300853.PAA22261@lox2.loxinfo.co.th> "R. Wiratorn" writes:

>                 The S8is defeated by Jag's new XJR in the test, the new XJR
>          has a supercharged V8 instead of in-line sixin the old model,
>          so it has much more  torque and power than the S8. It beats the S8 
>         with automatic  box while the S8 has 6-speed manual.

Define 'beat'.  In a straight line?

Jeremy Clarkson did a set of straight line speed comparisons once, on a disused 
airfield runway.  He pontificated in his usual sneery way for twenty minutes, 
and then pronounced one of the cars "the best - for driving on disused runways".

Straight line speed (and, to a degree, straight line acceleration) are 
uninteresting.  By the time you have a result, you're doing an illegal speed in 
anything but Germany and Montana.  I'd like to see an XJR follow an S8 down a 
typical English main road - the local Jaguar owners' club now meets at the same 
pub the quattro Owners Club uses, and they _drool_ over our roadholding.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club