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advice needed in quattro quest

After 6 months with our '89 100--bought this past Spring, I'm pretty much a
convert to Audidom and would now like to upgrade to a quattro for the deep
snow winters we have here (New York State). What would fill the bill nicely
for us is something like a '90 or '91 200q. I've been reading the list for
a few months so I'm a little better prepared to look for problem areas and
so on. But I don't have a good idea of what are reasonable prices for these

Presently I'm considering a '90 200q (sapphire?), 104K, which seems pretty
much "original".  BBS wheels w/fairly new Goodyear CompTAs, leather seats
with velour inserts (dark blue), Delta/Bose radio, ski boot. Suspension
sounds and feels solid if a bit soft. Engine runs and idles very quietly
and pulls strongly to redline w/1.4 bar max. I don't know if timing belt
has ever been replaced!! The seller (independent Audi garage) has already
replaced upper rear suspension links (arms?), also repl. fuel pump and
promises to do a factory exchange on the radio (which seems a little
"tired"). Also there appears to be a fault in the ACC control unit and this
also will be replaced (with a working used part). Interior is fair-to-good
with a couple of finish (surface) cracks on each front door zebrano panel,
some ugly abrasions on the passenger front seat leather and the obligatory
mashed outboard bolster on the driver's seat . Memory power seats, windows
and sunroof work OK.  Exterior paint looks original with moderate am't of
chips and some very light abrasions/scratches here and there. No visible
rust anywhere. Steering rack not leaking. Other _known_ problems: the
radiator fan obviously needs thermoswitch repair/replacement 'cause it
operates only with A/C on, and otherwise will not function. And the
windshield has two very deep stone chips--big one low on pass. side and
smaller one high on driver side. Both penetrate at least to the lamination.
The price asked is somewhere between $10K and $10.5K (US). It would carry
at least a 30 day warranty.

Another private Audi dealer has volunteered the opinion that a '90 200q
should be available at no more than about $8000 (although he didn't have
one!) He said he should be able to locate a nice '91 200q for somewhere
between $10-12K.

Could this '90 200q be worth around $10K (even if "perfect"?)--and is the
competitor just lowballing me?? Or...

Located in central NY (Utica --> Rochester area). Comments appreciated.


        Phil Rose
                        E-mail: pjrose@servtech.com
        Judy Rose