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4ooo csq problems?

In message <90DC6C03D897D011ADA900805FC19003769569@freedom.charter.com> "Duff, Ian" writes:

> I can only get 2 of the 3 quarts both Bentley and the <gasp, he
> actually *reads* these things?> owner's manual specify when my CQ is
> level.

Then that's it.  Overfill it, and the excess will get shoved out of the
seals.  In extreme cases, it can pop a seal.

I have a small cylindrical magnet pickup in the toolbox.  I always slide
it in and out when the drain plug is out.  Even where there is already a
substantial Audi catching magnet present (e.g., inside the ur-quattro's
rear diff) I always seem to find bits of metal.

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