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RE: Safety

At 01:35 AM 9/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>I have to agree with Tony here. There are laws of physics at work here
>>that a car simple can't overcome. If you figure that the car
>>decellerated from 100 to 0 mph in about 5 feet (front of Benz to
>>footwell). That presents a huge g force to the passengers. How many g's
>>I don't know, but this is what tears up internal organs. Maybe a lister
>>who is good with physics can figure this out? 

The key is that when you wear your seat belt, you benefit from the absorption
of energy that occurs within that five feet...you are attached to the car.
When you finally do hit something, you have decelerated a bit.  When you don't
wear your seat belt, as soon as that five feet is reached, you keep
going forward at the original speed of the car, and you hit the steering
wheel, dash, or seat in front of you at full speed.   The most common injury
in this scenario, is tearing the aorta, or in Di's case the pulmonary vein,
right of your heart.  There is no recovery from such an injury...you die.
That is basically the number one reason for wearing your seat belt, and
why the body guard lived.

Buckle Up,