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Re: (no audi content whatsoever)Thank God Diana wasn't in an Audi A8

At 07:14 PM 9/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, I swore I was not going to post a single message on this issue, but
>it got the best of me.  Shoot me now.
>The one question that keeps running through my mind, and as yet no one else
>seems to be asking, is why the body guard allowed Di to get in  a car
>driven by someone who had been drinking in the first place.  Perhaps my
>concept of a body guard is in need of revision.

The bodyguard was Dodi's personal bodyguard...Princess Di had no security
of her own with her.  That is why most of the blame lies with Buckingham
Palace.  Diane should have been driven by Buckingham Palace Security and
should have had a lead and chase car.  She should have gone out the front,
and not have snuck out the back.  Adequate security could have cleared a path
out the front, and the lead and chase car would have kept the motocycles
at a distance.  Afterall, the paparazzi knew Di and Dodi's destination.
There was no "outrunning" them.


P.S. As the posts wander further and further from the somewhat relevant
car safety aspect of the crash, I think now would be a good time to
move this discussion of the list.