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Re: Changing Transmission Fluid and filter...Difficult?

At 05:57 PM 9/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>89 Audi 100
>122,000 Mi
>I now have friends telling me "they have heard.......<all kinds of terrible
>things>....will happen if you change the transmission fluid in a car that has
>high mileage and possibly has not had it's ATF changed in known history.
>same friends recommend I leave the existing ATF right where it is and don't
>touch the transmission.  None of them own Audis.  Few of them are car
> What should I do?
I saw a new technique shown on "Motorweek" that involves power flushing the
auto tranny while its RUNNING in gear!  The pan is removed during this and
all the excess fluid pours out into a reclamation pan.  If this were bad
for the tranny,  I don't think that Pat Goss would be recommending it.


Tony Lum
Fremont, California U.S.A

Audi Owner/Operator/Mechanic by Necessity ;-)

1987 5000S Turbo Quattro
1985 4000CS Quattro
1980 5000S Sedan