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RE: Power loss at>4800 rpm

I still hit the wall as far as power- seen by acceleration at about 5000 rpm.

To correct some of my previous diagnosis I checked my throttle switch with 
multimeter as per bently and it worked fine changing state for the idle and 
2/3 throttle switch.

My exhaust now consists of catalytic converter 2 small mid mufflers (complete 
with the flattened section) and a straight 2.5" pipe from there back. 
Its a bit spoty sounding and drones a bit at 130 kmh or so but ok so far.  I 
may try and replace it with an Dynomax ultraflow ss muffler if I can get one 
to fit. (driveway clearance - approach angle) is my problem for fit.

My mixture was enriched slightly such that my tail pipe is carboned up quite 
well and I can smell it is rich easily on initial engine startup.

My next check is to go to the dealer and let them use their tools to check for 
full throttle enrichment and to reset the CIS cycle.. (as my local guy isn't 
set up to measeure CO etc...)

Have you fixed your higher RPM power problem? Do you have any other things I 
can check?

Thanks for your assistance.


86 5000 CD Quattro 310,000km
16 psig SK(R) , turbo bypass

PS Orin did you get the M.O.?