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Re: Changing Transmission Fluid and filter...Difficult?

Elliott Potter wrote:
> >89 Audi 100
> >122,000 Mi
> >
> >I now have friends telling me "they have heard.......<all kinds of terrible
> >things>....will happen if you change the transmission fluid in a car that has
> >high mileage and possibly has not had it's ATF changed in known history.  Those
> >same friends recommend I leave the existing ATF right where it is and don't
> >touch the transmission.  None of them own Audis.  Few of them are car mechanics.
> > What should I do?
> >
> >TIA,
> >DPowell
> >
> You should get some new friends, or at least stop asking the ones you
> have about car repairs.
> The transmission grinds away at itself, and makes little scale deposits
> in there from the little pieces of metal that get ground off.
> Your friends are referring to the myth that "disturbing" an older
> transmission will somehow cause irreversible problems.  This myth is
> based on the belief that the transmission has gotten used to its old,
> dirty fluid.  And if you drain out that old fluid and introduce new,
> clean unfamiliar fluid, the transmission will be upset and won't
> remember how to work right.  This, of course, is complete BS.  A
> transmission fluid and filter change is never harmful, no matter how
> many miles you have on the car or how many scale deposits you have in
> your transmission.
> Go ahead and do it.
> Elliott

I agree, change it and consider the change mentioned by Tony Lum.  I too
heard about the method, which is supposed to clear the tranny of any old
fluid/deposits (normally left behind by normal drain/refill method)
which sounds good, but . . .  BTW, there is a service bulletin about 89
100 w/AT that calls for check of lub level in final drive (different
fluid, actually gear oil I think) due to leaking seals.
MJ Murphy
89 100 FWD, 3sp AT, 71K