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Biting the A4 bullet. . . maybe and A8 impression

Could not stop myself and went to the local dealer today.
In stock:
97 A4tq	1.8, AT, green, grey cloth interior, ~29,000.00MSRP
98 A4q	2.8 30V, 5sp, red, leather, ~34,010.MSRP
98 A4q	2.8 30V, AT, pearl white, leather, ~35,100.MSRP

Will drive the 1.8 and 2.8 AT tomorrow (the wife can't shift).
But I'm curious about comments of current owners 'bout the 97??
Bad threads recently about the 97s.

A8 impression: (Grey one on the floor) - a stealth fighter but once
               in a while the designers get way too Hellinic (sic):).

Comment from Kari, the Finnish born salesperson, wait for the new A6 in

MJ Murphy
89 100 FWD AT (God, I love this car . . . when it works)
86 Jeep G. Wagoneer (brutepigcostsmorethanthe100tokeeprunning)