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Puma for hella products

These folks seem friendly enough.  No hassle whatsoever getting a
catalog of products.  Sounded like they supplied many items applicable
to the Audi/VW world.  Including Euro lighting.  Guess I'll wait to see
what their catalog contains.  Thanks for the tip, DeWitt.

Also, Ian's link regarding heli-coil earlier today also yielded online
catalogs (windows) for many other automotive fasteners etc... Nice link


Stott Hare
Application Developer
Policy Administration Team


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		I suggest contacting Puma at 800-333-7862.  This outfit
		in Hella lighting products and supplies a voltage
regulator upgrade
		kit for Bosch units so the alternator can support big
lights. I haven't
		dealt with these folks yet and there may be similar
issues with their

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