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Re: Broken 5000 Radiator inlet

pelletman@ccsnet.com wrote:
> Gentlemen:
> My upper radiator inlet (plastic) broke off last weekend.  What's the
> cure?

David, How much of it broke off?  The inlet on my '91 200q broke off
about 3/4" back from the end.  The resultant nozzle stub would seal to
the hose but the hose would keep blowing off because the retaining ridge
on the nozzle end was gone. I contacted Imparts with the intention of
replacing the radiator with a metal one.  They couldn't come up with one
as the '91 200q has two extra nozzle connections to accommodate an
auxiliary cooler.  I believe that this is unique to this car only. As an
interim measure, I secured the hose to the nozzle with an Ideal hose
clamp and then secured the clamp by wiring around the worm drive housing
and the auxiliary inlet nozzle, which is on the opposite side of the
radiator. Now in order for the hose to blow off, the clamp will have to
be pulled off the hose, which will be pretty hard to do.  So far
everything is holding together!  I still would like to get an all-metal
radiator as I am not real pleased with these plastic units but, in the
mean time, this fix is working.
Kent Crossley, Portland,Or.
'91 200q, IA stg 3 ecu, with real brakes (mine)
'93 90CSq, looking for 15" snow wheels (hers)