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BEN [Fwd: Hi!]

Ben, or list

Not sure if I sent this to you or not, but this fellow needs some expert
Audi advice.




I need to ask another Audi enthusiast a quick question....

Explain to me the difference between a post-1988 Audi 5000 and a 1990
Audi 200, please.

The reason is that I am in South Africa and have had a Audi Turbo for
the past 3 months and would
now like to buy some international product to the vehicle, but
unfortunately the rest of the world
speaks in 5000 and 200 terms. My vehicle has the post-89 flat door
handles, large lights the same as
those in the picture of Eric Fletcher's 5000 on your page, multi-spoke
BBS mag wheels and full
array of red tail lights. It is based on the same body shell as the
5000, but I think it might be known
in the States as a 200 'cos I think the difference between the 5000
turbo and 200 of 1990 is that the
200 got a new revised dashboard and flat door handles.

Could you give me a hand with this?

Thanks in advance. I might at some point try and make my own
contribution to you collection of
Audi pics, if you're interested. :)



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