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Re: no hot air

Bryan, Curtis wrote:
> I have a problem with our climate control system - no heat.  I searched
> the archives and found no luck in solving my problem. We have a '93
> 90csq with the climate control system that is also used in the A4, A6,


> control mode possible.  Has anyone else run into this problem?

Haven't run into this with my '93 90 (yet)... But, have you tried
pulling the codes from the CC computer to see if they identify
a problem?

To get the codes, press and hold the recirculation button and
then press the up-arrow air-flow button and release both. You'll
see "01" on the temp. display (for diagnostic channel 1).

Press and release the recirculation button again to get the value
of channel 1 (the trouble code channel). If the 'puter thinks alls
well, you'll get "00.o", otherwise you'll get one or more codes.