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Re: attn UK-URQ listers--need advice

     Although I'm not a UK lister, I did live there up until five years 
     ago, so here's my 2 shillings. 
     AM Cars, very helpful, prompt service, dealt with Mrs Marsden and she 
     referred technical questions to her husband, exteremly good price for 
     ur-q top mounts! On the suspension they recommended Boge and H&R's for 
     a daily driver. I'd certainly order parts from them again.
     Sanburn, a little disorganized but very friendly. Great place if your 
     looking to buy a "used" part for fault finding. You should try here 
     for that exhaust, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by the price 
     if they have one.
     Dialynx, I've spoken with Aelred a couple of times, always very 
     helpful. Seems genuinely interested that people as far away as Toronto 
     are calling him, no strong sales pitch and I hope one day to be able 
     to buy Euro bumpers from him.
     BR Motorsports (see Phil Payne for PR) :)
     Quattro Sports, never dealt with them, any one BTDWT?
     German and Swedish, I believe they offer quite reasonable suspension 
     packages, No experience.
     In the Audi/VW classifieds there is always a fairly large ad for 
     someone advertising "I HAVE the largest sstock of second hand quattro 
     turbo parts in the country...". Anyone on the list done business with 
     this place, no name or company given therefore I've never called.
     All the best and copy the list on what you find out. Better use of BW 
     than this week's most popular thread! 
     Regards, Mike