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cooling fan run-on after shutoff - C-GT

In message <34108258.60BA@usa.net> "Rick H. Louie" writes:

> > I never noticed my cooling fan coming on after turning the ignition off
> > before.  I think this is my first summer w/the car.  Memory's a bit
> > fuzzy!

> I didn't realize that the coupes got the after run fan also.  My '84
> does not have the after run fan, and I have never had a problem with the
> car.  I know that my mom's '84 5K has a hard start problem especially
> after a short shutdown on a hot day.  The '84 and '85 5K's did not have
> the after run fan.  The fuel sits in the injector area and since it is
> near the hood of the car, on a hot day, the fuel tends to keep heating
> up to boiling and then causing a vaporizing effect.  So when you try to
> start the car back up, the fuel is junk and thus a hard start.  In '86
> the 5K series got the after run fan which basically eliminated the bad
> fuel problem.

Two different issues - one is the radiator cooling fan, and one the injector 
cooling fan.  My 1982 80CD had the former - you could park the car and be 
inside the house before it did an imitation of a Jumbo jet landing.  This was 
a carburretor engine - no injectors to cool.  The 1988 ur-quattro has no 
afterrun on this fan, but does have an injector cooling fan.  It's loud, 
perhaps, but it ain't anything _LIKE_ as loud as the 80CD's Jumbo imitation. If 
you parked in the street, the 80CD would frighten passers by.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club