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Re: Question about friends v-6 100

At 04:00 PM 9/5/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Been kind of silent lately but I wanted to ask if any of you guys out there
>with the V-6 motor have had the "check engine" light come on during prolonged
>highway driving in 5th gear..the light will come on during trips on the
>highway when cruising in 5th gear.....it will stay on until the engine is
>shut off and will not come on again till cruising on the highway. The light
>never comes on during city driving just continuus cruising on the
>highway....any ideas ? I tend to know the I-5 engines but not the V-6 so any
>help will be appreciated. The car is a 92 100CS V-6 5 speed FWD.

On the V6, the light will come on when a fault is detected and will
remain on until you shut off the engine. It will not come on again
unless another fault is detected. The ECU does store the code, however,
so even if the light isn't on you can still find out what the fault

If you know how, try dumping the codes and I can look them up for you.

If memory serves, the most likely faults are going to be EGR-related.
Things like O2 sensors, ISV, cam and crank position, etc. typically
appear around town...

1993 90CS 60k