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Re: Oil drain plug

> There is a big copper washer that MUST (well... is highly recommended...
> if you don't have one... the old one should still work) be replaced
> each time.

Nah ... just heat it cherry red with a torch and let it air-cool while the
last drops of oil are draining out.  They can be reused several times this
way and I've never had one leak yet.

> They are about ten cents apiece at the dealer.

Not at my dealer ... about a buck a piece the first (and only!) time I ever
checked.  Of course, they readily admit to charging over Audi's MSRP so I'm
not surprised ... they also get $72/hr (plus another 3% for "shop supplies"
on top of that!) for labor on an Audi and upwards of $90/hr on Rolls Royces
and Bentleys.  On the oh-so-rare occasions that I deal with them, I bring a
condom along for my protection!   ;^)

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