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Some Audi News

Hi all,

New VW&Audi Spezial magazine came in last week. Interesting stuff: SGI
(Styling Garages Ingolstadt) have made a mean-looking Cabriolet with an A4
front end. Apparently, they've cut the front wings (fenders) in half and
grafted the A4 items onto them. The bonnet (hood) has some very
cool-looking slots cut into it, and the front bumper has some enormous
cooling grills. Some 18in wheels, a black paintjob and voila- the monster
Cabriolet is ready. Apparently, this job on the front end costs DM10718 (!)
and is also possible on Coupes.
I can scan the pics and mail them over if anyone's interested.

There's an item about fitting 18in wheels to the A4, combined with some
suspension tuning. Apart from the benefits to roadholding, this looks very
cool. Demonstrated on a far-from-subtle RS-blue A4 (18in RH
Porsche-lookalike 3-part wheels) and a black A4 Avant (18in BBS RSII
wheels). Again, pics available.
Another item on A3 mods, a wild stereo, 17in wheels, TDI upgrades,
Oettinger A3 1.8T with 195hp instead of the standard 150 (which seems
plenty already, with the low weight of the A3), gives it a 0-60 of 6.5s and
a top speed of 144mph. Hmmm... and yet Abt goes one further with the same
car, giving it 215hp, and a top speed of 151mph.
Zender and A!Avantgarde announce upgrades for the recently-introduced A6.
None make it look any prettier, but both make it go faster.

Anyone want to butcher his/her pretty B3/B4 Coupe Quattro? Look no further
than Rieger Tuning, with its evil-looking Evo 1. An F40-style rear wing,
twin exhausts, lotsa plastic spoilers, 17in wheels... yech! Make mine a
stock one... wanna see this horror story? Ask for the pics...

Auto Motor und Sport has published its '98 Auto Katalog, with pics of the
new A4-based S4. Outwardly distinguishable from other A4s by different
bumpers (with very purposeful air intakes), Avus alloys, a diferent grill
and the S-badge. There's also a picture of the 5v twinturbo engine of the



PS Encountered a new A6 in the dark yesterday. Those Xenon lights are

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