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RE: Turbo problems

I recently wrote:

> I have a 1990 Audi 200 Turbo.  [snip] It appears as if the impeller on
the turbo doesn't spin.  

I then asked the following questions:

	>>1.Is it possible to soak the turbo to remove the oil deposits?

	>>2.Would an oil change with synthetic oil combined with an
aftermarket additive to remove deposits help?
	>>3.Would a few light taps on the turbo cause the impeller to
break free and spin?

Here are the results of this weekend's work:
Soaked the turbo in WD-40.  
Gently worked the impeller until it broke free and spun.  
Changed the oil with synthetic.
Test drove.

Max  boost as read on the on-board computer: 

Before turbo problems:	1.2 bar
after turbo problems:	0.7 bar
after this weekend:	1.3 bar  

I still have to change the oil lines feeding the turbo and I'm planning
on replacing the turbo with a re-manufactured one because I don't think
my band-aid fix is going to last all that long.  A minor success,