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Turbo problems

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"Gorman, Ken  (PA62)" writes:

> It appears as if the impeller on the turbo doesn't
> spin.  This may be a case of oil coking on the shaft.

More likely simply seized because of inadequate flow caused by coke.

> The car has 140,000 miles on it.  What is the life expectancy for an
> Audi Turbo from 1990.  The car has both an electric radiator fan and an
> electric coolant pump which both come on after the car is shut-off.  I
> thought these improvements kept the temperature of the engine lower,
> thus eliminating the need to idle after extended use.

Not what the owner's manual says.

> What are the typical labor installation charges to install a new turbo?
> I am a weekend mechanic and am capable for minor jobs (brakes, oil
> changes, hoses, etc.) however, the replacement of a turbo is way beyond
> my capabilities.

Yes, because the manifolds have to come off and at 140,000 miles the studs 
will very likely shear.  Expect a 'head off and drill out studs' item on the 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

ps:Ditto to what Phil said about the studs- The other pricey item is the
very long
exhaust manifold which I opted to replace When I was advised it is "most
always cracked"by the service manager.  Price on this item was $1200 and I
bought it for several hundred from another source- only top find my bill
had moved up by the same amount.  Total cost for valve job $3k.  btw sorry
for the ambiguous meaning of
"being cracked "..by the service manager. Mike Posner