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throttle/idle switch symptoms

Well I put in the new fuel pump and the car starts up almost right away
however, on a cold start after it starts up it still stalls, when its
running, it idles
rough and when I open the throttle it bogs down (makes a weezing sound)
I hear a few loud pops and it will rev up. This happens when the
throttle switch
is connected, when I disconnect it, it will still sputter and sometimes
stall when
I first startup and when I rev her up it doesn't bog down or make those
sounds. After the car is warmed up for about a min or a bit less it runs
I'm placing an order for the throttle switch. Does anyone have any other
to this? A fellow lister responded and said he had similar problems and
it was
a fautly throttle switch. Appreciate any more info.

90 200T FWD