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Help with parts !!!

Need some help !!!!
I have a 1985 UR Quattro Coupe that was custom made for me by Audi in
Germany. I brought it in to the States via England. It is essentially an
English Spec car but with left hand drive. I love it but it has it's

Now my problem. My friendly Audi repair man damaged my drivers side rear tail
light, and it is that neat blackout kind. Any one know where I can get
another ? he has had no luck at all at the dealer level and I am ashamed to
be seen with a glued together tail lite lens.

Also, I have the talking ( with an English accent) digital dash that still
talks,  but all the pretty lights decided to fly south for the winter......
and I desperately need to find someone that can make it work again. It costs
a large sum of money to get it replaced out of England, and since my last
name is not Gates I would like to save as much as possible..... so

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Allyson Vought