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Re: removing 90q rear rotors - how?

I don't know if those rear rotors have a set screw (phillips head screw in
the bolt circle)  but if they do I presume that you've removed it

Often the rotor gets rusted to the hub. On my old 4KQ  I would  put some
penetrating oil around the rotor/hub junction and then rap sharply on the
back of the rotor, the object being the free it from the rust,  in several
different places with a suitable whacking instrument until it popped off.
Tapping near the hub from the front might help to break it loose, also.   I
don't know about heating the rotor near the hub junction with a torch - the
Bentley warns against heating the hub because you can ruin the bearing.
Then I would lightly clean up the mating surface of the hub with some fine
emery cloth and brakleen to remove the rust so the new rotor would seat