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Niggling problem with the rear-view mirror

In message <97Sep9.145154edt.8069@gateway.nwh.org> "Sean Ford" writes:

>  I have a very niggling problem with my rear-view mirror.... it jiggles and
> it's just a little annoying. I'm not sure if Audi uses the same type of
> windshield mounted mirror for all models, but these type always seem to be
> crap (at least the ones that I've seen); I wish my Audi had an interior roof
> mounted mirror. Anyhow, my questions:  do the gifted on the list know of a
> way to tighten up the mirror?

My Coupe and ur-quattro both have miniscule Allen screws to tighten up the 
mirror.  I have to say I haven't ever experienced this problem.

(One day I will have to post some .JPGs of my toolbox.  I have a large ALNICO 
 magnet bolted into the side of a bay in the upper tray, and I collect small
 Allen keys on it.  I find tolerances to be so poor at the bottom end - below 
 4mm - that Imperial keys often fit metric screws better, and vice versa.  I 
 have around 20 Allen keys at 4mm and smaller.)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club