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Re: AoA has ruined the new A6

Hairy green toads from Mars made Eliot Lim say:

> snail mail is quite bad out here.  just got the latest autoweek (porsche
> 996 on the cover).  there's a picture of the new A6 as it would look in US
> showrooms.  aaaarrgh!!!!  i can't believe how much changing the color of
> the bottom piece of the front bumper has ruined the striking beauty of the
> original design. 

I'm glad someone else here thinks the new A6 is so fugly as to be
an abomination. So much for the new model driving down the price
of the used older models. No one would buy such a beast. :-(

My take on it is that someone left it in the paint-drying oven too
long, and it sorta melted.


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