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Re: Fog/Driving lights

At 01:39 PM 9/10/97 CDT, Al Powell wrote:
>Re: should driving lights be on at all times with the headlights?
>My opinion: NO.  It's not hard to wire them as I did in my last car - 
>I used a three-position switch.  The top position was on at all 
>times; middle was off at all times; bottom was connected to relay - 
>and it turned the driving lights on whenever the headlights were 
>kicked onto high beam.
>Do it that way.  You can have lights any time you want them - or only 
>when high (or low, depending on what you use to trigger the relay) 
>beams come on.  Use a monitor light on the driving light circuit as 
>well so you can tell when the lights are turned on - saves your 
>battery when you walk away and forget to check.

Of course, anyone can do anything they like, but I *believe* it is illegal
to have both your high beams and your fog/driving lights on simultaneously. 

All the cars that I've owned (admitedly, only 3) always turned/turn off the
fog lights (if on to begin with) when the high beams are turned on.

Just a few stray cents of my own...

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