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Re: 5k w/o Pentosin- Heresy?

> I doubt that any were completely unassisted, but you might want to con-
> sider a conversion to a vacuum assisted system.  Some of the non-turbo
> 5ks were available with vacuum assisted brakes.

That would appear to be an "easy" and sensible solution... plenty of
parts cars out there.
> You're a stronger man than me ... I must say.  IME the steering gets
> considerably more difficult when the boost is gone.

When I bought my 82 coupe the power steering was disabled, and overall
it was not a big deal - but tight manouvering was almost impossible. 
Like getting in and out of driveways on one lane roads.  So I replaced
the pump and the little W-tube that was shot.  And this car is lighter
and shorter than yours.

Suppose it depends on your driving situations.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers


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