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Parking brake, rear caliper

Hi all.

The parking brakes on my 100Q haven't been working for a while, 
I've traced the problem to the right rear caliper (Girling, I 
believe). The p-cable is working on the actuating lever alright, 
but the lever moves about 1/2" and stops solid, with no effect on 
the piston at all. I've used vice grips on the lever, same 

I assume something is wrong inside the caliper assembly. Anyone 
have experience with the innards?  Can one fix it, or does one 
end up buying a new or used complete caliper assembly?  I just 
called SHOKAN, and was quoted $145 +shipping.

Thanks for any insights.

Frank M. 
'89 100Q
'88 Mazda 323 GTX