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RE: URQ muffler (fwd) and Euro lights

I don't know if anyone is signing up to coordinate the Euro-light 
purchase, but I'd be interested in getting a set for my 5kCSQW.  I 
think Andrew D has purchased a set ... I don't know if he got his 
directly from Europe or from someone in the states.  Are those who 
are interested in getting Euro-lights thinking about having them 
shipped from someone in Europe?  If that is the case I would imagine 
that there is some possibility that they could be confiscated by cus-
toms if they were found.  


> Well you probably know by know that the 4 months I spent waiting for a 
> muffler from Wachholz was for naught, as the "original stock" muffler was no 
> such thing when he got it off the car, and he didn't even know it. I still have 
> not received my money back or other parts due, they're "in the mail".
> 	On a more positive note, I spent the day in the Buchanan public library,>  
> while the folks at Gallon Measure (Rom?) made me a new system.They dropped me at 
> the library and picked me up when it was done. The work, including welding on a 
> new resonator and complex twisted pipe, and the muffler plus extension came to 
> $225. At that price it was hard to justify $800 for the stainless Scorpion 
> system. 

... I'm glad to hear that you are now satisfied Rob.  One thing that I 
learned after I had replaced my definitely original rear muffler with 
an Ansa replacement was that although the silencers themselves were not 
stainless, the pipes were; even though the Ansa replacement looked 
identical, it was all non-stainless.  I wish I would have simply gotten 
a different silencer welded into the original system!  I had already 
disposed of the old muffler when I found out the facts.  Personally, I 
like the way the original system is held together with flanges that are 
easily removed and can be adjusted by the user if desired.  

Steve Buchholz (no relation to Michael :)
San Jose, CA (USA)