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Re: 100's over 100

At 02:20 AM 09/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Last weekend I had the task of picking up my brother from Penn State, about a
>2 hour drive from where I live in Pittsburgh. On a stretch of six lane
>highway in the mountains about 20 miles from Penn State I found I guy in a
>Taurus SHO who was willing to play a little. I kept it as close as possible
>(he had a stick), and it came out about even in the end. Yes, our cars are
>amazingly stable over 100 mph, and also amazingly quiet. BTW, this little
>excursion is the reason for finally passing 66k.
>'92 100S (66k)

If you think the OEM set-up is stable, you'd be amazed at what Bilsteins and 215/60/15s Comp T/As on light 5-spoke alloys will do!!

Although decent, and better than MOST cars, I felt the OEM set-up to be too floaty and with too much body roll. High speed (over 85 mph?) driving did not feel rock solid stable and comfortable. It is one thing to go fast, but feeling comfortable and safe doing it is another (more important) thing.... I did not feel comfortable nor safe. Needless to say... I spent some $$ to get comfortable... but well worth every penny!!

FWIW, I paid $438.00 for the four Bilsteins (not including installation), $600.00 for the Borbets, and $400.00 for the Comp T/As.

I highly recommend the change.

Take care... have fun... be safe!!

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 100S